Monday, July 18, 2011

Advertising facebook its easy now

Today the marketing world need hy-tech options to reach their customers. So here the option called social media, here 90% of the online net users. so advertisers can target their people here.

one of most using social media website in the world is facebook. facebook also providing ad option for advertisers, so here you can reach your audience. Now we can see how to create successful facebook ad, at first you must have a facebook account to run the ads.

After creating the facebook account

you can go for facebook ad link.


here you can create the ad with three simple process:

1. Design Your Ad
2. Targeting
3. Campaigns, Pricing and Scheduling

1. Design Your Ad

At first you want to create destination(when user click your ad the landed url) of your ad, you can select either one of these


facebook page which is created in facebook itself.


facebook app with some of the application related with your product


domain address which is you included in the facebook

External url:

Here you can put one of the url, that want to be an destination url

if you choose pages means it will ask you to show which part of the facebook page(wall or info)

if you choose application means it will ask application id

if you choose domain means it will show sponsored story

if you choose external url means(you better try this one first) then you want to fill external url, body content, title of your ads and desire image.

thats it now you done with design part.

2. Targeting

Now you are going to target the people with various options.


here you can select the country to display your ad. also the particular city means you can select.

Demographics :

here you can select age criteria with range or leave it with broad. you can also select gender here. you can filter and get a accurate audience using Precise Interests. you can go to your targeted audience with the following filters.

  • Interest In
  • Relationship
  • Languages
  • Education & work

From above targeted phase finished

Campaigns, Pricing and Scheduling :

Here the place you can put campaign's name and budget


Run or display your ad in range(in a time period)


here you can set your pricing with (cpm)cost per impression or cost per click(cpc). here facebook suggests the bidding range better try with suggested bid for ads success ratio.

Finally you done it all, then place the order with your Payment Process. Facebook will your ad then will activate it.


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