Friday, July 29, 2011

Basic SEO Techniques: PART 1

When you ready to start the website or after web building process you completed. You must aware of the user and search engines. here are the techniques you must implemented.


Title(titles) are the heart of any website. because its show's your website's core in a single line. here are the few points you must note.

Take relevant Title to your website avoid(untitled, New Page)

Put unique title tags to each page

Avoid stuffing the keywords in title

Also avoid length titles


Add description to each page you create in the website.

Avoid adding not relevant information to your page

Don't use generic keywords (Exmp: This is a web page, Page about health)

Avoid filling with keyword each page

Avoid copy the content from the page you created

Use Unique description to each page

Avoid same description to all pages

URL Forming :

Avoid passing two many parameters in url

use(-)hyphen instead of (_)underscore or longwords

Block problematic URL'S in robot.txt

Avoid generic page names ("page1.html")

Don't repeat keywords("school-with-school")

Avoid stuffed directories like("dir1/dir2/dir3/dir4/page.htm")

Avoid irrelevant information to directories

Avoid one directory used by multiple domains

exmp: & -> directory 1 -> page.htm

Basic SEO Techniques: PART II


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Saiful Islam Patwary said...

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