Monday, July 25, 2011

Create text link ads for youtube videos with Video Targeting Tool

Adwords video targeting is the best option to promote your website(web page). you just need couple of images or some text related to your web page. Now click the following url to go and create ad targeting videos.

click -> Get started selecting the placements

Now you can see:

List options to show your ad

  • Invideo Overlay
  • In-stream Video
  • Banner(Medium Rectangle)
  • Youtube Promoted Videos

But today we are going to see only on Invideo overlay

Here you have only one ad format (468 x 60)

After select this next select your ads show region and bidding currency(better choose dollar)

Then you directed to PLACEMENT SELECTION

here you can see three level options:(Select One of the Category)

  • Categories
  • Channels
  • Video


you can find list sub selections like..,

Arts & Entertainment

Jobs & Education

Beauty & Fitness

Books & Literature


Select one of the option and click add button.


Here you can search with your keywords and you can find list channels option here. here you can also filter by age range.

Select one option then add.


In video option you can search more videos with impression. select one of the video then click add button.

Finally you choose all option you then connect your Media plan to (Export to adwords)adwords. In adwords you can run this media plan campaign.

you can also download this file in excel format.


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