Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Create Forms using Google Documents

Creating the forms for your website is easy now, google docs service available for creating the forms also.In a simple click you can create forms for your website or blog.

Step 1:

Go to Google Documents

Click > Create > New > Form

Step 2 :

In the form page you can see the Untitled Form replace it your Own form name

You can also enter description of your form in second text box

Step 3:

You now see sample question.

Edit that sample question with right side icon.

Then replace Question title with your own title like Name, Recipient , Phone number, Sex, Data

In next text box you can give a help text

Step 4:

Now you can change question type,

here you can add Text Box, Radio Button, Check Box, Paragraph Text, Scale, Grid, Choose from a list

then you can make this question as a required or Not required

then click Done

Step 5 :

Use add item in the top left corner of the form to add new question.

Follow the above step(4) to create more number of questions

Step 6:

You can also select theme for your form, lot of themes available in various category

Now Save.

Finally you created the form in a simple steps. Now you can share the form and also embed into your websites.

When the user response your form then the collected details will be saved in your spreadsheet.


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