Friday, August 19, 2011

Page Speed for firefox and Page Speed for chrome

After page rank we are heading to the new world, webpage optimizing. You may realize webpage loading very slow in your client system or may be in your development system. If the website or your web page loading time is taken so long then you are trouble, because search engines more eye on the webpage loading.

Why search engines are concentrate on webpage loading ?

because they feel and want to given the best results to client(the search engine users). Thats why the search engines are given importance to web page loading.

Search engine giants like google and yahoo also don't want to neglet their webpage or website providers. So they now introduce some tool for them.

Google introduce Page Speed And Yahoo introduce yslow for web page optimizing.Both are given Websites report with similar analysis, The way of presentation only slightly differ.

Page Speed:

Page speed is a new web based tool for analyze the web page at any time and any web browser, its also helpful to test the mobile based websites.


You can get the page speed tool with out installing anything but you need to do some basic steps.

Here the link to get the Page Speed

You can select the browser you want(recommended chrome browser, Mozilla browser)

After install this addon you can use page speed by using F12 key in your key board.

Use Analyse Performance in the sub menu, It will give's you detailed analysis report from the web site you given.

If you find Results in red, then it may be crucial problem. Most common problem's are
  • Header Expires Problem
  • CSS Sprites Unused
  • Java script parsing problem


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