Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Apple's iphone 4S and ios 5 review

Apple's ios and iphone 4s gets user attraction very much, this time around apple fully loaded with some exiting features with ios 5, it supports all kind apple products like mac book, ipad and iphone.


ios 5 supports billions of apps, which is created by 100,000 developers around the world, new ios 5 consists of 200 new user features. some of them like,

Notification, Subscription, News Stand, 8 mp camera.


icloud makes file sharing very much easier, it merge it all iphone + ipad + macbook. when your sons playing in ground you take(with iphone) picture there, it automatically shared and download in other apple products(ipad, macbook). it makes life easier.

find my friends apps will give your friends location, this app inbuilt with privacy also , so you no need to worry.

ipod nano:

ipod nano now inbuilt with various wrist watch template.

iphone 4S:

Hot on today, because which has excellent hardware parts, like A5 chip which gives you 2x faster cpu, dual core , 7x faster graphics.

2x fast downloads :

It gives maximum date speed for iphone 4S

iphone 4S Downloading Speed : 14.4 mbps

iphone 4S Uploading Speed : 5.8 mbps

iphone 4S combined with both GSM + CDMA

iphone 4S Camera:

8Mega Pixel camera with 3264 X 2468 60% pixel resolution, face detection, 1.1 sec image capture timing, HD 1080p video recording with stabilized functions, Air Play

iphone 4S also having one attractive feature called SIRI:

Its like personnel assistant, when ask some thing to this app it will understand the word also meaning then reacted to that likel,

How many dollars 45 euros, it says $59.59

so new iphone 4S will get very good customer satisfaction.


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