Saturday, December 24, 2011

Create Google+ pages for your business

Google+ Pages provides businesses, products, brands, and organizations with a public identity and presence on Google+. Pages can currently be created for one of five categories to create a Google+ page.

Local Business or Place :

Product or Brand:

Company, Institution or Organization:

Arts, Entertainment or Sports:


Google+ pages interact in the Google+ world similar to the way that regular Google+ profile owners do - they can add people to circles, edit their profile, share things in Google+, +1 comments and photos, and create and join Hangouts.

Top 10 Google+ Brand Pages:

1. Android: 235,742 followers

2. Mashable: 131,208 followers

3. Google Chrome: 127,611 followers

4. Google+: 113,355 followers

5. Coldplay: 106,791 followers

6. H&M: 99,116 followers

7. New York Times: 93,397 followers

8. Marvel: 93,384 followers

9. Google: 91,636 followers

10.Gmail: 89,564 followers

Google+ Brand Page Video :


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