Tuesday, December 6, 2011

what is backlinks and external links


Hyperlinks from another site to our site is called backlinks more organic links signifies online popularity and creditablity. backlinks are important because Google pagerank consider backlinks for website's page rank.

Most number of backlinks in your site means, search engine predicts high number of people like your stuff. Google search engine and other search engines consider the backlinks from trusted sites. Use keyword in hyperlink text when linking the pages.

Avoid several links for same url targeting, like of more links target will be home page, these kinds of link building consider a spam activity.

Avoid getting backlinks from spam sites, in some cases spam sites affect our website originality. Use social website's for backlinks, it will be easier to recognize your stuff by people out there.

External links:

external links are part of the link building process and back links consider to be an output of external link building. follow few techniques to implement the external link building process which help's for better result.

Place comments in related website and blogs but use 50% : 50% for your home page url and other secondary url. Always post in forum, based on your webpage or blog, always include link back.

Use social bookmarking effectively. also never buy links which will force to remove your webpage from indexing google.

Always put links in relevant websites, most website will be happy to link to your favorable treatment to their readers.Use reciprocal links with clear trust worthiness. add websites in business directories.


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