Thursday, March 22, 2012

how to avoid duplicate contents using canonical url

web developers and SEO team members fight each other when they face different url's directed to same web page. Simple solution to avoid this case called Canonicalization.

What is Canonicalization ?

Many sites make the same HTML content or files available via different URLs. Say you have a educational site and one of your top apge is college page. The college page may be accessible through several different URLs, especially if you use session IDs or other parameters.

In this case follow few procedures to avoid duplicate content.


If you want to be the canonical URL for your listing, you can indicate this to search engines by adding a element with the attribute rel="canonical" to the section of the non-canonical pages. To do this, create a link as follows:

inside the section of the duplicate content URLs:

Google will understand that the duplicates all refer to the canonical URL:

Additional URL properties, like Page Rank and related signals, are transferred as well.


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